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eye magazine review

October 5, 2009


BA(Hons) Illustration

Magazine ReviewSeptember 2009

eye Magazine

Eye The international review of graphic design

A magazine for everyone involved in graphic design and visual culture

PRINT – 36,000 WEB (inc. site, blog, enewsletter) – 170,000

International –
Europe (including UK): 50%
US / Canada: 40%
UK: 29%
Rest of World: 11%

£17 / US$28

Quarterly (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter)

Articles covering: Graphic Design; Advertising and art direction; Animation and motion graphics; Illustration; Information design; New media, interaction design; Photography; Print and paper; Publishing and editorial design; Reviews of books, events and exhibitions; Typography; Technology; Visual culture and art; Web design.

Graphic designers; Creative directors; Art directors; Typographers; Heads of design; Corporate brand directors; Managing directors / managers; Account directors / managers; Publishers; Photographers; Animators; Illustrators; Design course leaders; Educationalists; Design student; Technology specialists / computer scientists.


Eye Magazine claims to be “the world’s most beautiful design magazine”. An “international title with a global vision”, that is set apart from other magazines in that it is a “treasure” to keep. The independent publishing venture, Eye Magazine Ltd., claim that it is a “must-have design object in it’s own right”, and, in a sense, it is. It is a graphic marvel with a well crafted layout that whilst clearly dictating the use of a healthy amount of white space and large, high quality, images, does not compromise it’s designers further than this allowing them to take each page and develop it as an individual piece. The content of each article is allowed to influence the design greatly.

The articles, written by journalists, academics, teachers, specialists and graphic designers themselves, are encyclopedic in their approach using many references, not least to past issues of the magazine itself, to lend weight to their opinions and conclusions. Each is well written, generally clear and easy to digest without the need to resort to a dictionary (too often), letting the images speak for themselves.

The Blog for Eye magazine is broad, detailed and could undoubtedly support the interests of a computer scientist as much as a design student. Much like the general website and the quarterly itself, it’s well arranged, diverse and aesthetically pleasing. With an extensive list of categories to choose from, a design fanatic could blog all day. As there are currently no comments in the ‘uncategorized’ category, it can be assumed that they are meeting everyone’s needs. The valuable and informative events/links section provides an array of things to marvel at if you’re tired of hunching over your laptop. Whether it be an evening of free music or an exhibition of digital design sensations in the V&A, there’s something for everyone, from London to Lisbon. If you need useful resources or merely wish to share your opinions on design culture, Eye blog appears bold and progressive. However, if you’re not a website wanderer and are more traditional, you can blog off and go to the expense of subscribing to Eye Magazine and in doing so you’ll receive a free Eye tea towel!

One overall criticism of the magazine itself could be that Eye’s contributors tend to state ‘fact’ rather than promote discussion or debate, maybe a necessary approach to keep it’s biblical position in the field.

There is no doubt in our minds that this is indeed a publication that if collected and cherished would build into a valuable source of knowledge and inspiration for anyone involved in the propagation of visual culture. The website and blog allow readers to become involved in the content and evolution of the publication which, for the most, can only be a good thing and aid in keeping it fresh and cutting edge.

CSAD Illustration RATING 4/5

Dan Peterson and Laura Eedy

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