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Illustration Symposium

October 16, 2009

On the 8th of October 2009 I drove myself, Amelia Johnstone (lecturer – check out her world) and 7 students from various years of the Illustration course to The Cheltenham Illustration Awards 2009 (check out the winners). Before the awards ceremony there was an excellent (outstanding from my personal point of view) symposium – well that’s how it was advertised, it was more of a talk with a Q&A at the end of it – with illustrators Tom Gauld (check out his work on Flikr) and Simone Lia (check out her website). Between them they run the Cabonon Press.

The talk was outstanding from my point of view as both Tom and Lia turned out to be quite normal people who approached their work in a clear and uncomplicated manner simply and obviously overjoyed at being successful doing what they quite clearly thoroughly enjoy doing. They spoke of how they got together and how they managed to break into the world of illustration after leaving college. They spoke about successful projects and failures and were both still humble enough to admit to their surprise and excitement at peoples interest and love of their work, which is by the way, very good. Outstanding for me as their approach to, and experiences of, the work was no different from what I imagined and far from what I feared. The world of illustration and publishing certainly appears, so far, to be far less paranoid and competitive than the world of graphic design.

I’ve scanned in the notes I made at the talk. Hopefully you can, if you’re that interested, read, and maybe even decipher them and achieve a slightly greater insight into the event.

Notes from Gauld and Lia talk

Notes from Gauld and Lia talk

Notes from Gauld and Lia talk

Notes from Gauld and Lia talk

Notes from Gauld and Lia talk

Notes from Gauld and Lia talk

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  1. August 14, 2010 12:35 am

    Great, really enjoyed this

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