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Visual Communication Project 1

October 27, 2010

This is me catching up with the BLOG. This project started on 28.09.2009

In this first Visual Communications project we were asked to go out into the city of Cardiff and collect visual languages. This was great fun and but it was not easy to get the 100 languages they were after. Probably more to do with the distractions of the city than the lack of languages available if one was looking hard enough.

Here are a couple of pages from my note/sketch book.

Visual Communication Notes 

Pages from Visual Communications notes

A page from my Visual Communications notebook

Visual Languages

Following on from this we were briefed to produce a piece that used the visual languages we had researched. The piece had to fit within 250mm x 250mm box (notional). Below are some of the ideas I had for the story and the piece itself as well as some images of the final piece which consisted of a set of cylindrical boxes. As each box is opened the next box and therefore the next part of the story is revealed. Each box has two parts of the story. The action is simultaneous.

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