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Dorling Kindersley placement

November 1, 2010

The placement with DK went very well. I think Guy was quite pleased when he realised that although I was an illustration student I had over twenty years graphic design experience. Although DK produce a lot of highly illustrated books the work in the offices in the Strand is mainly design based. The office is large, in fact it’s apparently the largest single collection of Apple Macs in Europe, and is split into sections such as 7+ books, Eyewitness Books and Licensing, which is where I was. They produce books based on existing licensed works such as Indiana Jones, Star Wars and Lego. They gave me a project to play around with which was designs for a Tintin Character Encyclopaedia. Basically a book that showed all the characters that appear in the Tintin books, each character getting a page showing what they look like and where they first appeared and the sort of things they got up to. I’m not going to place any of the pages I designed here at this stage as I have no idea of the copyright implications but it all turned out well and by the time I’d left the pages and cover design I’d produced got turned into a presentation that goes out to all the sales teams in DK showing them what books were on the way.

Dorling Kindersley, Strand, Londond, Licensed Books Section

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