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London placement

November 1, 2010

During the summer break I made the trip to London and managed to find a place to stay with an old friend of mine from the TA (where I spent over 12 years as an airborne gunner – but that’s a whole other story), Jim, who by the way works for an excellent company called WARC (World Advertising Research Centre) – check them out. As luck would have it Jim has lovely parents, who he was living with at the time, who made me feel most welcome. It turned out that his mum was poet, writer and theatre director – Chrys Salt – so the stay was outstandingly enjoyable.

Whilst there I took advantage of London in general and visited many museums and galleries. Specifically, the Tate Britain to see the Rude Britannia exhibition of British Comic Art which was great fun and The British Museum to see Fra Angelico to Leonardo Italian Renaissance Drawings – awesome, I spent the whole day in the exhibition.

I also managed to get to the Imperial War Museum and the Army Museum both of which were full of great exhibits but unfortunately both archives were being moved or some such thing and therefore I couldn’t see all of the war art I was looking for. I also didn’t have the right ID to get into the reading room at the Army Museum, however I did have an interesting discussion with the man on the desk about the availability of war diaries from the Boer War as I happen to have a couple that my Great Grandfather wrote at the time. Apparently soldiers were encouraged to write diaries and take photographs at the time but this was soon seen as a bad idea so by the time of the Great War there were far less examples.

Here are some of the sketches I made during my time.

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