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Central Illustration Agency

November 5, 2010

Attended a talk by Ben Cox (I think) of the Central Illustration Agency as part of the Cardiff Design Festival.  It was pretty much a talk about the history of the agency and what ‘great’ work they do for their select illustrators and a showcase of the work and a plug for a new book they’ve put together with a local Cardiff design agency. It was interesting to get the perspective form the agencies point of view. They charge 30% to the artists! As the guys from DK said . . . probably a good idea to do the leg work yourself for as long as you can before you go forking out 30% of your pay every time you do a job. In their defence, Ben did say that almost all their artists make a good living from illustration and the ones who don’t make the rest of their money teaching so it’s only a part time business for them.

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