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Nick Clegg

December 1, 2010

I’ve been working on some politically motivated drawings recently in response to the attack on the education system by the Lib-Dem Conservative Coalition Government. I find the raising of tuition fees an attack on future generations of students and therefore the country’s future overall. It’s bad enough that fees have to paid at all let alone at a rate that will leave the average student nearly £40,000 debt by the time they have their degree.

“Students doing three-year courses charged at £6,000 will leave university with about £30,000 of debt – if courses go up to £9,000, debts will be closer to £38,000.” BBC News Website, 29 November 2010

Students already face average debts of £25,000

“Student debt levels are projected to rise to £25,000 for those starting university this year, research suggests.” By Hannah Richardson, BBC News education reporter, BBC News Website, 13 August 2010

I’ve lived with debts of this size and it’s a nightmare! The whole approach seems designed to drive prospective students from poorer families away from University. Along with all the other approaches the coalition seems determined to take the whole country appears to be going back in time. I can only assume that this is precisely what the wealthy land owning Conservative party members want – back to the good old Dickensian days. As for the Liberal Democrats, such as Clegg, they will do whatever it takes to hang on to the power they’ve so longed for, even if that means back stabbing those that voted for them in the first place, such as students themselves, and turning their backs on traditional party policies.

Anyway, this is one of the more successful sketches I made of Clegg. If I can scan the larger full drawing I made I will post it along with a few others I have in the pipeline.

Nick Clegg

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