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The One Show

July 22, 2012

Matthew Cook, Graeme Lothian and myself were invited by the BBC to make an appearance on The One Show on wednesday the 18th July. Actually, we were invited by them to provide a painting to display at the end of an article on John Piper, the War Artists Advisory Committee and war art in general. It turned out that the day they were going to run the article was the same day the three of us had decided to get together in London anyway and so we shifted our plans so that we could meet up at the White City studios instead where we could drop off our paintings and get together at the same time. The whole thing was brilliantly organised by Charissa Coulthard who, not long after meeting us and showing us to the green room, and only moments after both Matt and myself were discussing how nice it was just to be there handing over our paintings and watching the proceedings without having to get stressed about appearing in front of the cameras, asked us if we didn’t mind each giving a short interview on camera after the report. Anyway, that’s what happened. After Giles Brandreth had given his excellent report and answered a few questions about contemporary war art and modern war artists like us on the sofa, Matt Baker asked us a few questions whilst stood next our paintings. It was all great fun and thoroughly enjoyable. Everyone was very nice and took good care of us – Alex Jones and Matt Baker showed great interest in our experiences and work as did Ruby Wax, if only on the way out.

You can see the show on BBC iPlayer here but only until the 25th July.

Matthew Cook, Dan Peterson, Giles Brandreth and Graeme Lothian on The One Show

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