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Firing Line – museum of the Welsh soldier

September 18, 2012

Just putting together an exhibition that’s going up in the Firing Line Museum which is located in Cardiff Castle.

It’ll be there from October until the end of December. Here’s a couple of new pieces I’ve done recently that will be part of the exhibition. They were drawn from patrols I was involved in with A Squadron, QDG, through the Nad’Ali district of Helmand, Afghanistan.


As many patrols as possible are conducted by the ANA (Afghan National Army). They are often accompanied by ISAF forces as part of the transition process which is preparing the Afghan Forces to take over the security of their own country.

This patrol was lead by Captain James Carroll, QDG, a Troop Leader in A Squadron. It took the new ANA Tolay Commander, Captain Said Nagibullah Sadat, around Navehmandah town in the once Taliban stronghold of Nad’Ali district. 8.12.11


An essential piece of equipment for the patrolling soldier, when patrolling on foot, is the knee-pad.

Due to the nature of patrolling in Afghanistan a lot of time is spent ‘going to ground’. This occurs when the patrol needs to stop – either because someone has spotted some ground sign (evidence of possible IED, Improvised Explosive Device, presence), a possible enemy contact or even just to stop for a chat with the locals.

The weight of equipment means that most appropriate position when going to ground is kneeling, hence the need for the invaluable protection given by the knee-pads.

Patrolling through the streets of a busy town such as Navehmandah in Nad’Ali district can attract a lot of attention from the locals. Particularly young boys fascinated, as most young boys are, with the soldiers and their equipment. 8.12.11

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