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Life of Pi

January 5, 2013

Yesterday I went to see the film ‘Life of Pi” and thoroughly enjoyed the spectacle, the story telling and the religious undertones. The film is visually stunning, in 3D it is hypnotic at points. It has stories within stories but none too complex to follow and overall the concept is a simple one – a  young Indian boy with an interesting take on religion is set adrift in a life boat when the ship carrying his family and all the animals from their zoo goes down. I won’t go into detail with regard to the storyline but was fascinated by the “a story that will make you believe in God” line that is used throughout and then ends with the statement “and so it is with God” which could certainly be used, in this context, by both the religiously faithful and the atheist alike. That, for what it’s worth, was my take anyway. I took a group of young boys, two of my sons and a friend, to watch and they enjoyed it thoroughly. This was great to witness as there was not an alien, un-natural monster, spaceship or super hero in sight. (Not that I dislike all the above).


I do need to read the book, Life of Pi by Yann Martel, so I’ll pick that up soon. There’s an illustrated version with illustrations by Tomislav Torjanac but I quite like the illustrations I found on the web by someone called Andrea Offermann.



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