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Afghan Voice

January 29, 2013

I attended a presentation yesterday, in Cardiff, from a group calling themselves Afghan Voice. The presentation was simply to raise awareness of Afghanistan, it’s history, people and current situation. It was quite informative, humorous and in some parts sad. The young girl, Mushghan (not sure of the spelling), who spoke was bright and cheerful. She was Afghan born but raised in the UK. She shared the presentation with an older lady, who’s name I didn’t get, who had a harrowing story of seeking asylum in the UK after she and her family received death threats in Afghanistan due to her work with education for girls. During the process her husband was taken form them to an unknown destination for months and she was interviewed many times. However, they now live in Cardiff where she works as a teacher assistant and her son attends secondary school. The presentation became a little uncomfortable when they displayed items made by ‘the poorest’ people of Afghanistan in ‘their homes’, saying that if they sold any of them the money would of course go back to these people. I do hope that that is true but for all their beauty and for all the obvious skill I could not escape the feeling that they could just as easily have been made by women and children in some sort of sweatshop environment for very little pay. Anyway their website is and all seems pretty legit so good luck to them.

Pages from my notebook below: (NB the figures I have written in my notes about students enrolled in school are wrong, I mis-heard. It should be 6 million,not 12.)


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