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Literary Portraits – Saunders Lewis

November 26, 2013

Saunders Lewis, one of the most prominent figures in Welsh Language literature, was a poet, writer, historian and activist – a founder of Plaid Genedlaethol Cymru (the National Party of Wales), later known as Plaid Cymru.


Gwinllan a roddwyd i’m gofal yw Cymru fy ngwlad,
I’w thraddodi i’m plant
Ac i blant fy mhlant
Yn dreftadaeth dragwyddol;
Ac wele’r moch yn rhuthro arni i’w maeddu.
Minnau yn awr, galwaf ar fy nghyfeillion,
Cyffredin ac ysgolhaig,
Deuwch ataf i’r adwy,
Sefwch gyda mi yn y bwlch,
Fel y cadwer i’r oesoedd a ddel y glendid a fu.

Buchedd Garmon

This is perhaps the most famous passage in modern Welsh literature, where Saunders Lewis calls on his countrymen to stand with him in the breach to defend Wales from the swine/pigs of materialism that are destroying the orchard of our country.

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