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Another train journey

December 5, 2013

Last weekend I took a frustrating train journey from Cardiff to Salisbury to take down the work, that hadn’t been sold, from the Army Arts Society exhibition. Frustrating because the train I was supposed to catch was cancelled which meant the whole day was spent trying to catch up the lost hours that followed. I sat on the cold platform waiting the hour for the next train to Plymouth which would take me to Salisbury on it’s way. Then the station announcer told the gathered, disgruntled, crowd that it would be wise to take the train to Bristol where we could catch the next train to Salisbury. I foolishly, along with many others, took this advice, completely unaware that the next train out of Bristol was the same train that would be leaving Cardiff in an hour. What this meant, of course, was that we all gathered on the platform at Temple Meads as the tiny, three carriage, train approached only to find that it was full and we could’t get on. If we had stayed in Cardiff we would have got on an empty train and it would be us packed like sardines into the inadequate metal boxes on wheels with smug, if not uncomfortable, looks on our faces – knowing that, however uncomfortable we were, we would reach our destinations only an hour or so late. As it was, after forcing my way onto the next train, yet another hour later, I was nearly three hours behind time and would therefore miss my train home again and subsequently the evening out that had been planned would be spoilt.

However, neither I, nor the lovely couple of people I sat and chatted with on the overcrowded third train to Plymouth, complained too much as the reason for the cancellation that morning had been someone throwing themselves on the line near Bristol. There day had certainly started and ended far, far, worse than ours. Not to mention the poor train driver of the train they’d jumped in front of.

I did manage a drawing whilst waiting on the platform at Cardiff and another on the train to Bristol – the only comfortable train journey of the day.



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  1. December 6, 2013 10:58 pm

    I really love your sketches. You should check out the work on my blog maybe you will like it comment with feed back or follow either way my site is would love to know what you think 🙂

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