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ADLIB cover

December 8, 2013

The Liberal Democrats run a monthly magazine called ADLIB. They commissioned me to produce an illustration for the cover of their December / Christmas issue. Initially they wanted to feature all their MPs as though they were a choir – ‘all singing off the same song sheet’ as it were. I produced a rough for this but it was felt that they image was rather crowded and looked a little too formal and as the publication is A5 (A5 in format although only produced as an online edition I think) they asked for a version with only a select number of MPs that represented a cross section of Liberal Democrats in office – Members of Parliament, Members of the European Parliament, Members of the Scottish Assembly and the Welsh Assembly. The rejected initial sketch and finished drawing are both here as well as the finished front cover. The result is alright considering the limitations of the budget. I would have liked to of worked harder on the likenesses but overall they came out well if the time taken, i.e. a one off sketch with one set of minor alterations, is taken into account.




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