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Agincourt 600 – Robert Hardy talk

November 4, 2015

Last night I attended a talk in the St David’s Hotel & Spa in Cardiff Bay put on by the Firing Line Museum of the Welsh Soldier. Robert Hardy, known for his acting roles as Siegfried in All Creatures Great and Small, on the stage performing Shakespeare and more recently playing the Minister of Magic in the Harry Potter films. Apart from his acting Robert is an accomplished academic and recognised expert on the Medieval Longbow and The Battle of Agincourt. As it is six hundred years since the battle he was giving a talk on the subject. A speaker of such quality you will rarely come across. He filled the talk with knowledge, humour, a little Shakespeare and a speech of Henry V‘s spoken in old english as taught to him by his old Magdalen College, Oxford tutor, J R R Tolkien.


I drew this during his talk and he kindly signed it for me. He also confirmed a story about an ancestor of mine, Dafydd ap Llewelyn ap Hywel (also known as Dafydd Gam, for apparently he had a squint in one eye) who was on the battlefield at Agincourt and a member of the Kings bodyguard. It was said that Dafydd had been killed protecting the King but as he lay dying was knighted for services rendered. Robert also said that it was Dafydd who was sent forward to scout out and count the numbers of French early on the morning of the battle.

All in all a massively enjoyable evening. Thanks to the Firing Line for inviting me.


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